viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012




The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) believes the role of free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity. A vibrant business climate is necessary for a stable government free of corruption, and based upon the rule of law. This free market business sector of the economy must be based on and adhere to the International Standards of Accounting Practices (GAAP) and its business practices must adhere to the highest standards of ethics.

The Party believes that every person has the right to contribute to the country’s productivity when the government eliminates the barriers to equal opportunities. The Party considers that individual productivity creates a country’s wealth. The Party states that a mandate of the government should be, to be a "safety net" to assist the less fortunate, while creating economic programs in the private sector to help the less fortunate create a better life for themselves and their family.

Separation of powers and balance of powers

The Party states that the Judicial Branch will be independent and able to freely try cases on their own merit and without interference, with Civil and Criminal Court Systems established. The Party’s judicial philosophy will be that the Court’s Judges will interpret the Constitution narrowly and close to the original intent, rather than a more flexible "living Constitution" model.

The Party demands a version of democracy that places greater emphasis on individual freedom and places greater limitations upon government power.

Environmental policies

The Party supports the protection of the environment, but the Party also believes that the protection of the environment can be accomplished, along with significant growth of the economic sector of the economy, with no adverse effects if done with transparent safeguards in place. The Party has adopted the development of market-based solutions to environmental problems and expects that foreign investors will have working contingency plans to respond to man-made disasters. According to the platform, "economic prosperity and environmental protection must advance together; environmental regulations should be based on science; the government’s role should be to provide market-based incentives to develop the technologies to meet environmental standards; we should ensure that environmental policy meets the needs of localities and environmental policy should focus on achieving results processes.”

Social policies

The Party is pro-life and opposes elective abortions. The Party favors strict punishment as a means to prevent crime, up to and including Capital Punishment. The Party believes that any child through the age of 18 shall have access to a government-subsidized/free education that promotes excellence in traditional studies including, but not limited to, language studies, science and math. This same education shall be free of any type of government indoctrination. The citizens are a nation’s greatest natural resource and shall have the opportunity for a good education. The party believes that a system of greater accountability for public schools and its teachers must exist or be created to ensure that the highest quality of education is available to all children. The Party is committed to the establishment of National Universities, with ties to prominent universities in other countries, including the exchanges of students and scholars, and the widespread promotion of research opportunities.

The Party supports government creation and support of a system of health clinics throughout the country that are necessary to support the population’s needs. The Party also charges that all National Hospitals will be built and maintained to world standards.


The Party is committed to making the following become reality in Equatorial Guinea.

Electricity: Bring appropriate technologies to generate electricity throughout the country.

Transportation: Build railroads, rails, and water transport systems to bring the nation together and speed products to the markets and the ports.

Airport: Use the resources of the petrol-chemical industry, the expatriate community, and newly developing sectors to build an International Airport. The airport would attract further economic development and support an open business climate.

Water System: Potable water and sewer/sanitation systems throughout the country.

Communications: Build a nationwide network of wireless communications. This will spur economic development throughout the country.

National Defense/Security and Military Spending

Since the Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 in the United States, and subsequent terrorist attacks in Europe and Asia, The Party believes that Equatorial Guinea must keep itself "on the offensive" against terrorists. The Party is committed to making sure that the country is not a haven for terrorist and drug smugglers. The Party believes that every person who has been detained by the law enforcement elements of the government deserve to have their day in an open civil or criminal court of law, represented by an attorney or government funded attorney. The Party is opposed to the use of any form of physical violence or torture to obtain confessions.

The Party is committed to Implementing the Following:

a) A Truth and Reconciliation Committee – modeled after the South African panel led by Bishop Tutu to help their country begin to heal its wounds. This would help determine which officials, security personnel, and citizens could be integrated into the building of a new Equatorial Guinea, those not to be utilized, or those to be called to Judicial proceedings.

b) Human Rights Trials & Corruption Courts – for the people deemed by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee as violators. Fair hearings under the auspices of the International Community and/or referral to the United Nations Court in the Hague.

c) Police: Establish paramilitary forces (modeled after Costa Rica). This will provide peace and security to the population, but safeguard against abuses and coups.

d) Border Patrol, Customs and Immigration: A separate organization to diffuse power while performing its duties.

e) Coast Guard: A light force to protect Equatorial Guinea’ shores and oil reserves against smuggling, drug running, illegal immigration and foreign incursions.

Additional security arrangements can be made by examining the feasibility of naval, air, and military bases in Equatorial Guinea, for large countries such as the United States as a forward platform in Africa to protect their security interest and help defend the oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea.

Other international policies

The Party advocates reforms in the United Nations to halt corruption such as that which afflicted the Oil-for-Food-Program set up for Iraq. The Party strongly promotes free trade agreements.

The Party believes the government works for the people and is committed to transparency in all workings of the government as it carries out its activities on behalf of the people of Equatorial Guinea.

Equal Rights

The Party supports Equal Rights to both sexes under the Constitution. The Party has pledged for increased enforcement of the International Civil and Humanitarian Rights Laws as implemented under the United Nations.